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About the BCCSA


BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA)

Making Safety Simpler

The BCCSA provides occupational health & safety (OHS) services and supports to over 52,000 construction companies employing approximately 220,000 workers in British Columbia.

Vision Statement

A Safe BC Construction Industry

Mission Statement

To engage BC Construction employers and employees; and assist them in making construction safe.

Value Proposition

BCCSA helps employers save money, make money and protect their money by decreasing financial and human losses associated with workplace injury.

Guiding Principle
Making Safety Simpler
Who We Are

The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is a not-for-profit association that provides services to more than 52,000 construction companies employing more than 220,000 workers. We are funded by construction, plus select aggregate and ready-mixed industry who support us through a portion of their WorkSafeBC annual assessments. 

The BCCSA is governed by a Board of Directors whose members represent all areas of the industry: residential; road building; aggregate; ready-mixed; industrial, commercial, institutional; and heavy construction. Worker safety is our number one priority. To that end, we offer a range of services that (1) focus on injury prevention and creating or enhancing a culture of safety on construction sites; and (2) meet a diversity of needs among owners, managers, supervisors, and workers. 

The BCCSA is a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).


The BC Construction Safety Alliance is financed entirely by the BC construction and aggregate industries, and ready-mixed classification units through a small percentage of their assessment premiums collected by WorkSafeBC. Through this funding we provide the industry with health and safety services, programs, and training. 

As a safety association recognized by WorkSafeBC, we promote and develop workplace health and safety in compliance with WorkSafeBC’s regulations and guidelines. The BCCSA also acts as the construction industry’s apolitical voice on construction health and safety issues.

Who We Serve

We serve more than 52,000 companies and more than 220,000 workers in BC’s construction industry. All employers registered through WorkSafeBC are eligible to become COR® certified and participate in our safety management training initiative. 

NO-COST TRAINING: Companies registered with WorkSafeBC in the following sectors are offered most of our training at no cost: 

  • Construction, All CUs 721xxx, 722xxx, 723xxx
  • Primary Resources (Aggregate Producers), CU 704008
  • Manufacturing (Ready-Mixed Concrete), CU 712033
BCCSA Programs & Initiatives

We offer a range of health and safety programs, training, resources, tools, and services that comply with WorkSafeBC requirements and emphasize straightforward and practical assistance to help contractors meet their health and safety obligations and requirements.

How can we help you?

Explore our website for BCCSA programs, training, resources, tools, and services. For answers to frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs. For BCCSA contact and location details, please refer to our Contact page.  We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a safer and more productive workplace!

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