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COR® Internal Auditors

COR Program

A BCCSA-qualified COR® Internal Auditor is a permanent employee within your company who has successfully completed the BCCSA’s two-day COR® Internal Auditor Training course. Internal Auditors can be used for Small COR® certification, maintenance, and recertification audits or Large COR® maintenance audits (see The COR Process for details).

Qualifying as an Internal Auditor

To obtain a BCCSA COR® Internal Auditor Certificate, a permanent employee must:

Once the employee has satisfied the above requirements, they will be issued a BCCSA COR® Internal Auditor Certificate, valid for three years, provided auditor status is maintained.

Maintaining Internal Auditor Qualification

After an individual has successfully obtained a BCCSA COR® Internal Auditor Certificate, they must conduct a minimum of two OHS COR® audits within the three-year period between their initial certification and recertification to maintain their BCCSA internal auditor status.

Re-qualifying as an Internal Auditor

BCCSA COR® Internal Auditors must requalify at least once every three years through the completion of BCCSA’s two-day COR® Internal Auditor Training course.

NOTE: Individuals who (1) have not satisfied the requirement for maintaining their internal auditor qualification and/or (2) have not completed the COR® Internal Auditor Training course before their current COR® Internal Auditor Certificate expires, will also be required to complete and submit a Student Audit Assignment to the BCCSA within four weeks of course completion. They must achieve a passing grade in order to re-qualify and receive a new COR® Internal Auditor Certificate, valid for three years.

BCCSA COR® Internal Auditor Equivalency Policy

To apply for equivalency, the auditor must (1) complete internal auditor training through a member association of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) , and (2) submit the appropriate BCCSA equivalency application form (PDF).

Equivalency Submission Package

The following documentations must accompany the application form, and be reviewed by the BCCSA for approval:

  • A valid COR® Auditor Certificate issued by a CFCSA member, AND
  • A recent COR® OHS Audit Document written within the past one-and-a-half years (18 months)

All internal auditor equivalency submission packages can be e-mailed to

  • Expired COR® Auditor Certificates are not accepted.
  • The BCCSA will only grant equivalency once. Upon certificate expiry, the auditor must take the BCCSA 2-Day COR® Internal Auditor course and successfully complete the student audit assignment.
  • Re-certification course from other (non-CFCSA) associations will not be accepted.
  • Applicants are required to read the instructions on the BCCSA National Audit Document (MS Excel) and ensure they understand the report requirements.
  • Individuals planning to conduct a BCCSA COR® Audit as an Internal Auditor must be on the reported payroll of the BC company. As per definitions in section 4 (page 63) of WorkSafeBC's The COR® Program: Standards and Guidelines (S&G) for Internal Auditors and Section 4.2, individuals will be expected to be a permanent employee of the company.