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  • 1.What is the BCCSA?

    The British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health & safety in the construction industry throughout British Columbia. We work to reduce workplace injuries and create a safer work environment on jobsites. For more information, please see our Overview.

  • 2.What does the BCCSA do?

    The BCCSA offers a range of programs & initiatives to support the construction industry in promoting safety. This includes providing training, programs, resources, tools, services, products, and information to assist employers in gaining a better understanding of safety protocols and implementing them effectively.

  • 3.Who does the BCCSA serve?

    BCCSA members consist of employers registered with WorkSafeBC in specific sectors, including:

    • Construction, All CUs 721xxx, 722xxx, 723xxx
    • Primary Resources (Aggregate Producers), CU 704008
    • Manufacturing (Ready-Mixed Concrete), CU 712033

    Our broader aim is to cultivate a safety culture throughout the entire BC construction industry. To accomplish this, we actively collaborate with and provide support to a diverse range of stakeholders in the sector, including employers, contractors, workers, safety professionals, and other relevant organizations.

  • 4.How does the BCCSA collaborate with WorkSafeBC?

    The BCCSA collaborates closely with WorkSafeBC. We work together to promote safety standards, guidelines, programs, and initiatives that contribute to reducing workplace injuries and ensuring compliance with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) regulations.

  • 5.How do I apply for BCCSA membership?

    There is no application process. You're already a BCCSA member if you're registered with WorkSafeBC in the following sectors:

    • Construction, All CUs 721xxx, 722xxx, 723xxx
    • Primary Resources (Aggregate Producers), CU 704008
    • Manufacturing (Ready-Mixed Concrete), CU 712033

    You can find your classification unit (CU) on WorkSafeBC's industry classification search page .

  • 6.What are the BCCSA membership fees?

    BCCSA membership does not involve membership fees. Instead, the BCCSA is financially supported entirely by contributions from the BC construction and aggregate industries, as well as the ready-mixed classification units. These contributions are sourced from a small percentage of the assessment premiums collected by WorkSafeBC.

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