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FFRP Program

FFRP Program

FFRP Digital Guide

The Site Safety Assessment Kit

  • The Site Safety Assessment (SSA) Kit consists of:
    1. an eLearning course
    2. a SSA Digital Guidebook
    3. an online and a PDF SSA Form
    4. the Working Alone pamphlet
    5. the Donning & Doffing PPE in the Restoration Industry Video
  • The kit promotes a culture of safety in your company – by bringing a disciplined approach to "regular workplace inspections" in order to detect any unsafe condition.
  • Assists your company in meeting its mandate to "remedy without delay" any unsafe condition.
  • Keeps all workers and site visitors informed of site-specific hazards and mitigating steps (not all hazards can be eliminated).
  • Is available without cost.

Under the Fire & Flood Restoration Program (FFRP), the Fire & Flood Restoration Program Technical Advisory Committee (FFRP TAC) provides safety training and resources to the restoration industry. Restoration contractors repair/re-build existing homes and business structures that have sustained damage as a result of fire, windstorm, flood, vandalism, etc.

  • Fire & Flood Restoration Online Safety Training
    FFRP has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS ) to design and deliver no-cost online safety training to B.C. restoration workers.  If your company is registered with WorkSafeBC under Classification 721022, you qualify to take free online training supplied by the BCCSA.  Please note that Employers must register on behalf of employees.

    Start your training:  CCOHS Online Course Listing
Contribute Your Exposure Data

The FFRP TAC is collecting lead exposure measurements to help with risk assessment for common tasks in the restoration industry. We’ve developed a Field Form Observation Sheet (PDF) to standardize the information collected with the measurements for quality control. If you’d like to contribute lead exposure data to this project, please contact


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