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The COR® Program

COR Program

Why Get COR®

  • Make a strong public statement about your company's commitment to protecting the well being of workers and maintaining a culture of safety.
  • Employers who achieve and maintain COR® may be eligible to receive 10% in annual incentive payments from WorkSafeBC.
  • Over time, with reduced injuries and lower claim costs, a COR® company's experience-rated WorkSafeBC premiums will reflect additional savings.
  • Many general contractors require subcontractors to have a recognized safety program in place as a prequalification to bid on projects. COR® meets that requirement.


  • Why has it been worth it for you/your company to be COR® Certified? Has it helped your company win jobs?
    Yes, definitely worth it. There was an initial cost to have me off-site to take the courses and to get the company safety process in line, but the refund is greater than the startup cost. Once you set up, everyone benefits. Not sure it helps to win jobs, but definitely there's more talk about it.
    Paul Olson, Assistant Manager, Sure Span Ready Mix

COR® is an occupational safety and health accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health management system which meets national standards. The objectives of COR® are to provide industry employers with effective tools to develop, implement, assess, and promote continuous improvement of their safety and health management system to prevent or mitigate incidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.

COR® is nationally registered, trademarked and endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).  COR® is delivered through member associations that have a formal Memorandum of Understanding to serve as the Authority Having Jurisdiction to recognize COR® in their respective province/territory.

The COR® Program is a is a voluntary employer certification program intended to motivate employers to take a proactive role in occupational health and safety. COR® certification is issued by WorkSafeBC to an employer who has successfully implemented an effective occupational health and safety management system (“OHSMS”) and has passed a certification audit. The program is delivered through  Certifying Partners.  BCCSA is the COR® Certifying Partner for employers in the BC construction industry.

As a Certifying Partner, the BCCSA helps with:

  • Registering employers into the COR® program
  • Providing information, training opportunities, and other resources to assist employers in qualifying for COR® 
  • Developing industry-appropriate audit requirements based on WorkSafeBC standards
  • Providing suitable audit tools and help employers in finding certified auditors
  • Maintaining confidentiality and quality assurance of employer records and audits

Companies in the construction sector, as well as select aggregate and ready-mix Classification Units (CU), are automatically eligible to participate in BCCSA’s COR® program. These include:

  • Construction, all CUs 721xxx, 722xxx, 723xxx
  • Primary Resources (Aggregate Producers), CU 704008
  • Manufacturing (Ready-Mix Concrete), CU 712033
NOTE: Companies outside of the construction industry interested in pursuing a BCCSA COR® may submit a COR® application for review. Participation will be subject to approval by WorkSafeBC on a case-by-case basis.
BCCSA COR® Program Offerings

Two COR® programs are offered by the BCCSA, each having different program requirements:

  • Small COR®: for companies with 19 or fewer employees
  • Large COR®: for companies with 20 or more employees

See The COR Process for details on how to obtain, maintain, and re-certify Small or Large COR®.

COR Program

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We have a dedicated team ready to make your COR® experience as easy as possible. We also provide free consultation via our Regional Safety Advisors (RSAs), who are COR® experts. They're available to provide on-site support and practical assistance, ensuring a smooth process for you.

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