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Asbestos Worker Certification

What You Need to Do

  1. REGISTER. To begin the certification process, go to the Asbestos Training Portal . You will need to . If you have already created a BCCSA website account or taken BCCSA training, such as SiteReadyBC, you can use your existing credentials to log in. You can create a free account in just a couple of minutes. For instructions on creating an account, click here (PDF). A note on licenses: The BCCSA uses licenses for our products. Below is a quick overview of what you can use the Asbestos Program licenses for:


    What you can use the license for


    Asbestos 101 course

    Asbestos 201 course

    Asbestos 301 course

    Asbestos 401 course

    Asbestos Level 3 course

    Asbestos Level S course


    What you can use the license for

    WorkSafeBC Level 1 Exam

    WorkSafeBC Level 1 Exam

    WorkSafeBC Level 2 Assessment

    Level 2 Assessment AND WorkSafeBC Level 2 Exam (pays for both)

    WorkSafeBC Level 3 Exam

    WorkSafeBC Level 3 Exam

    WorkSafeBC Level S Exam

    WorkSafeBC Level S Exam

    NOTE: If you’re an employer, you can also register your company inside the Asbestos course portal and thereby register your employees on their behalf. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact (604) 636-3675.
    Register Now

    Click here to see the upcoming exam sessions in our Training Schedule

    Note: Online exams are virtually proctored via Zoom by BCCSA staff. Online exam availability is limited and schedules are updated weekly. Check back often for the updated schedule. 

  2. Choose the Certification level appropriate for the work you do:

    • Level 1 Certification: Foundational Awareness training is designed for workers involved in transporting asbestos-containing materials and disposing of asbestos-containing waste.
    • Level 2 Certification: Asbestos Safety training is designed for workers involved in performing asbestos abatement work.
    • Level 3 Certification: Asbestos Abatement Supervisor, for individuals that plan, manage, and oversee asbestos abatement sites. 
    • Level S: Surveyor Safety, for individuals conducting asbestos Surveying work. 

    If you’re unsure about which training level is appropriate for you, use this WorkSafeBC asbestos certification questionnaire .

  3. Complete the Online Training. Once registered in the appropriate certification level, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive online training program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need and to enhance your understanding of asbestos, its risks, and the best practices for safe handling.

    Course(s) Level Formats CPD Points Prerequisites Cost
    Level 1: Foundational Awareness
    Online, self-paced (4-5 hours)
    Prerequisites: None
    Level 2: Asbestos Safety
    Online, self-paced (4-5 hours)
    Prerequisites: Level 1 Training
    Level 2 Practical Assessment
    Level 2: Asbestos Safety
    In-Person practical competency assessment (4.5 Hours)
    N/A Level 2 Training $750
    ACT Level 3
    Level 3: Asbestos Supervisor
    Online, self-paced (4-5 hours)`
    Level 2 Certification
    ACT Level S
    Level S: Asbestos Surveyor 
    Online, self-paced (4-5 hours)
    Level 1 Training
    • BCCSA invigilates Level 1, 2, 3, and Level S certification exams on behalf of WorkSafeBC. The cost for Level 1 - S exams is $50. Exam sessions are offered in person, or online. 
    • Once a course has been purchased, it is available for 60 days. If not completed within 60 days, the course(s) must be re-purchased.
    • BCCSA courses are available online, on-demand, and can be completed at your own pace within the 60-day period.
    • Time to complete the courses varies heavily based on the student's knowledge, experience, and other factors. However, users should expect to spend between 4 - 5 hours per course.
    • Please ensure you familiarize yourself with our Cancellation and Refund Policy prior to registering for an in-person or online assessment or exam session.
  4. Level 2 Skills Assessment. As part of the Level 2 certification process, you will undergo a skills assessment to ensure that you have acquired the necessary competencies to perform asbestos-related tasks proficiently.

    • The Level 2 Practical Skills Assessment cost is $750.
    • If you are pursuing Level 2 certification, you DO NOT need to complete the Level 1 WorkSafeBC exam. You can simply complete the Level 1 and Level 2 training courses, and go straight to the Level 2 Practical Assessment and WorkSafeBC exam. Level 2 covers Level 1. 
    • The WorkSafeBC Level 2 written exam is administered on the same day as your Level 2 Practical Assessment. There is no additional cost - it is included in the $750 course cost.
    • Upcoming Level 2 Skills Assessment & WorkSafeBC Examination Sessions: See the available Level 2 assessments and exam sessions in our Training Schedule
    •  Please ensure you familiarize yourself with our Cancellation and Refund Policy prior to registering for an in-person or online assessment or exam session.
  5. Pass the Certification Exam(s): Upon successful completion of online training and skills assessment (Level 2 only), you’ll be ready to tackle the WorkSafeBC certification exam(s). Once you pass the certification exam(s), you will receive your official asbestos abatement certificate from WorkSafeBC, which is valid for three years.

    NOTE: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level S WorkSafeBC certification exams are administered by the BCCSA on behalf of WorkSafeBC and are submitted to WorkSafeBC. Results will be communicated to you by the BCCSA but your final certification is issued by WorkSafeBC. The exam invigilation cost is $50. If you are unsuccessful in your Level 1 - S exam(s), you can register for an exam re-write session for $50 through the ACT Portal. 
    Private Sessions: If you are a company and have 6 - 12 individuals that require an exam (any level), the BCCSA can invigilate a private session at your facility or at the BCCSA office. Private invigilation sessions are $50 per participant + the invigilator's travel and time if they are coming to you. Please contact if you would like to book a private session. 
Asbestos Certification Program

Act Now to Secure Your Future!

If you’re a worker:

Start the certification process and training as soon as possible to ensure you meet the January 1, 2024 deadline. By taking action today, you’ll avoid interruption of your employment in the asbestos abatement industry, and contribute to a safer working environment.

If you’re an employer:

Initiate the certification process today. Supporting your workers in obtaining their asbestos abatement certification will not only enhance their skills, but also help your organization comply with the new regulations.

Stay up-to-date

Asbestos worker certification is a new initiative for the BC construction industry. The BCCSA will be updating this page frequently, so please check regularly for new information.

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