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Safety Climate Tool

Safety Climate Tool

The Safety Climate Tool survey is a powerful perception based survey that measures the culture in an organization. It is designed to get a ‘snapshot’ of what an organization’s safety culture or ‘personality’ looks like at a given moment in time. Some very common sayings describing safety culture are “this is just the way we do things around here” or “this is how we have always done it.” The survey itself consists of 40 statements ranked on a scale of 1-5. The questions are either worded positively or negatively to not guide respondents towards one viewpoint. Some of the 40 statements can be customized to reflect your company’s specific operations. You can include up to 9 demographic questions. Some examples of these questions include positions within the company, age range, length of service, and location. There is also an option to include up to 6 open-ended questions providing your employees the opportunity to expand on their thought process.

The survey takes no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. You can administer the survey online through computers, tablets, or smart phones – there is no software to install on your computer. If there is no internet or computer access, one can complete a paper version using a PDF that will be sent to you.

It is very important for your employees to understand that the survey is completely anonymous. At no point does the survey ask for an employee’s name or employee number nor can an individual’s digital survey ever be pulled and reviewed. To assist in the anonymity of the survey, demographics with 10 or more responses in a category can be produced into a report.

The survey is purposely designed to seek the views of all levels of the workforce so that their results can be compared. The survey should be administered to everyone in your company. All levels of management, office staff and field staff are encouraged to participate in the survey. To get the best impact possible it is suggested to have at least 75% of the total number of employees complete the survey.

If you are interested in the Safety Climate Tool, reach out to your local Regional Safety Advisor or email