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BCCSA Programs & Initiatives


  • Asbestos Worker CertificationNEW!
    The government of British Columbia has introduced new asbestos worker certification regulations to enhance safety. These rules stipulate that those conducting asbestos abatement work in BC must be trained and certified, while employers are obligated to secure licenses.
  • Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) Program
    Individuals who hold the Certified Concrete Pump Operator Certification (CCPO) have demonstrated their theoretical understanding of concrete pump operations, and have proven their ability to effectively apply this knowledge while working in the field.
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Program
    COR® is a program for accrediting occupational health and safety practices. It verifies the full implementation of a health and safety management system that aligns with national standards.
  • Fire & Flood Restoration Program (FFRP)
    The Fire & Flood Restoration Program (FFRP) is an initative aimed at enhancing safety within the restoration industry. Through this program, we offer a range of safety training modules and valuable resources tailored to the needs of professionals in the restoration field.
  • NCSO® / NHSA™ Designation
    The National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO®) and National Health & Safety Administrator (NHSA™) designations offer proof of competency in construction safety at a nationally-recognized level. This program delivers practical training in a range of construction safety management skills and principles.
  • Technical High Angle Rope Rescue Program (THARRP)
    The Technical High Angle Rope Rescue Program (THARRP) prepares fire department personnel in technical rope rescue techniques, specifically for rescuing workers in distress at elevated heights, such as tower crane operators.
  • Traffic Control Person (TCP) Program
    The BCCSA's Traffic Control Person (TCP) Program is British Columbia's most established training program for traffic control. We qualify and re-qualify numerous Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) across the province. Our program offers courses for both individuals new to traffic control and those seeking re-qualification.


  • Training Catalogue
    All instructor-led, self-paced, classroom, and online training offered by the BCCSA.
  • Training Schedule
    Find and register for upcoming BCCSA training available throughout the province, in sortable list view.
  • Training Calendar
    Find and register for upcoming BCCSA training in month-to-month calendar view.
  • Asbestos Control TrainingNEW!
    By completing our ACT 101, ACT 201, ACT 301, and ACT 401 Asbestos Control Training courses, individuals can attain Level 1 and Level 2 WorkSafeBC asbestos certifications, demonstrating their competence in asbestos-related work and ensuring a safer work environment.
  • BC Construction Health & Safety Conference
    The annual BC Construction Health & Safety Conference is designed to bring together professionals, experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from the construction industry to discuss and share insights, best practices, and innovations related to construction health and safety.
  • Dust Extractor Vacuums (DEV) Safe Use & Maintenance CourseNEW!
    Our DEV eLearning course serves as a comprehensive guide on the safe utilization of dust extractor vacuums for managing exposure to respirable crystalline silica in construction settings.
  • Minds at Work for ConstructionNEW!
    Our Minds at Work for Construction training is divided into two parts: Part 1 is designed to increase mental health awareness, its workplace impact, and challenges stereotypes. Part 2 equips supervisors and foremen with tools and strategies to manage mental health issues within their teams.
  • Principles of Health & Safety Management (PHSM)
    Our PHSM eLearning course is designed to provide clear guidance and practical instruction for creating a concise and effective Health & Safety manual. This manual not only ensures compliance with regulations but also prioritizes the well-being of your workers.
  • SiteReadyBC
    SiteReadyBC is a pioneering construction site safety orientation program created specifically for British Columbia. It equips workers with essential foundational knowledge, enabling them to grasp the safety standards applicable to any BC construction site and work there confidently.
  • Webinar Series
    Our Webinar Series is designed to offer in-depth insights, expert guidance, and practical solutions on a broad range of OHS topics. We delve into the critical aspects of maintaining a safe and secure workplace.


  • OHS Resource Catalogue
    Explore our library of occupational health & safety documents, materials, files, and links designed to assist you in promoting workplace safety and preventing occupational hazards.
  • Regional Safety Advisors
    BCCSA Regional Safety Advisors (RSAs) serve the entire province of British Columbia and provide free, hands-on assistance to BCCSA members of all sizes. Our experienced RSAs can assist with various OHS inquiries, such as WorkSafeBC regulations, safety program development, materials preparation, and readiness for COR® certification.
  • RE-MIND Work to Wellness
    RE-MIND is dedicated to enhancing BC construction workers' access to mental health information and support services. RE-MIND encompasses the content available on the RE-MIND website , as well as The Lone Hunter video and Toolbox Talk resources.
  • Silica Control Tool™
    The Silica Control Tool assists employers in conducting appropriate risk assessments and implementing effective controls and safe work practices where silica dust may be an occupational hazard.


  • Hands-on Assistance
    BCCSA Regional Safety Advisors (RSAs) serve the entire province of British Columbia and provide free, hands-on assistance to BCCSA members of all sizes. Connect with an RSA for general safety advice and consultation.
  • Health & Safety Committees
    The BCCSA serves on committees that examine select matters involving occupational health & safety in BC.
  • Injury Management Service (IMS)
    The BCCSA Injury Management Service (IMS) is designed to simplify the process and provide practical solutions to (1) Keep injured workers in meaningful work as swiftly as possible; and (2) Help employers understand and effectively control injury-related costs.