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NCSO® / NHSA™ Designation

Designation Maintenance

NCSO & NHSA Designations

NCSO® / NHSA™ Designation Maintenance Policy

The NCSO® and NHSA™ designations must be kept up-to-date on a 3-year recertification cycle from the date of initial certification. The maintenance component consists of four parts:

  1. Professional development hours
  2. Maintenance of current certification
  3. Safety Proficiency Assignment
  4. Proof of continued work in industry

Please refer to the individual policies below for details on which course certificates must be renewed, how and where to gain your professional development hours, what is required for the safety proficiency component, and how to submit your proof of continued work in industry. The guide below additionally includes information on how to submit your recertification application, as well as the BCCSA policy on late recertification.

How To Submit

As a certified NCSO®/NHSA™, your application portal is now in ‘maintenance’ mode. To submit your recertification application:

  1. Log into your NCSO®/NHSA™ application portal
  2. Navigate to the certificate upload section
  3. Attach your file to upload
  4. Make your payment and submit the application for review

For your professional development hours, you can take a picture or scan the front of your professional development card, ensuring that:

  • Your full name, NCSO® Certificate #, and expiry date is printed clearly
  • The event details are clearly stated
  • The card is stamped/signed by the event organizer, instructor, or administrator with the authority to confirm your attendance, or you have
  • Attached your event registration receipt or another means of proof of attendance

If you are not using a BCCSA professional development card, no problem! You can upload your course completion certificates, conference attendance receipts, or other documentation showing proof of attendance and participation.

Recertification Costs & Submission Deadlines

All NCSO® and NHSA™ recertification applications must be submitted no later than the end of day (11:59 pm) of your certificate expiry date. If your application has not been submitted by the certificate expiry date, your status will be considered lapsed, and your name will be removed from the list of qualified BC NCSOs / NHSAs. The BCCSA strongly recommends completing your requirements and submitting your recertification application at least 90 days prior to expiry.

The cost to resubmit your application is $75 + GST

In some extenuating circumstances, the BCCSA will allow a grace period of one month post certificate expiry for applicants to complete and submit their applications without penalty fee. You must notify the NCSO® Coordinator at least three weeks prior your certificate expiry, in writing, to discuss your case and RECEIVE WRITTEN APPROVAL to submit your application after expiry without penalty. Failure to renew the certificate by the expiry date without prior written approval will disqualify applicants from the no-penalty grace period.
  • Applications submitted 1 – 5 months late without notice will be charged $125 + GST
  • Applications submitted 5 – 11 months late will be charged $160 + GST
  • Applications submitted 11+ months late will be charged $160 + GST, and the student will additionally be required to rewrite the NCSO® / NHSA™ National Exam

Part A: Professional Development Hours

As part of the NCSO® & NHSA™ designation maintenance component, applicants are required to complete a total of six (6) professional development hours within three years of receiving the NCSO® / NHSA™ designation (or last renewal).

  • Conferences; such as BCCSA Construction Health and Safety Conference, Pacific Safety Center’s Western Conference on Safety, CSSE hosted events and chapter meetings, etc
  • Occupational health & safety courses or seminars (in person or online)
  • Occupational health & safety workshops
Event Qualification Criteria

Events attended for professional development hours must abide by the following criteria:

  • The event is educational in nature with a dedicated speaker or speakers providing courses, seminars, or educational presentations. Networking only events, seasonal social gatherings, and industry gatherings such as BCCSA regional breakfasts do not qualify
  • The primary topic(s) focuses on Occupational Health and Safety, is educational, and is applicable to the construction sector
  • The event is a formal & organized (company safety meetings and informal gatherings do not qualify)

If you are unsure whether the event you intend to participate in will qualify for professional development, please contact or call (604) 636-0326 for guidance.

Details & Limitations
  • Compulsory NCSO® / NHSA™ designation courses that expire and require recertification will not count towards the 6 hours of professional development. Fall protection, first aid, and COR™ Internal Auditor training renewal is a separate, required component of maintenance.
  • Courses, seminars, or workshops taken must be relevant to your work.
  • Professional development hours gained pre-certification, or after expiry will not be accepted.
  • Professional development hours can be accrued gradually, the applicant is not required to gain all 6 hours from one event / course.
  • Courses, seminars, or workshops completed outside of Canada will not be accepted.
BCCSA Promoted Events
NCSO & NHSA Endorsed Maintenance Events

Current Endorsed Maintenance Events

Each year, the BCCSA promotes several events in the Lower Mainland and throughout BC where you can gain your professional development hours. Please note that you are not required to attend these events, however they are great opportunities to network with industry, meet other NCSOs, and gain your hours in one spot!

If you are attending a non-promoted event and are unsure if it will qualify, please contact the NCSO® Coordinator at

Part B: Maintenance of Current Certification

To maintain your designation, you will be required to submit updated copies of any completed certificates that have expired from the date you receive your NCSO™/ NHSA designation.

Certificates That Must Be Renewed
  • COR® Internal Auditor certificate
  • First Aid (OFA1 equivalent or higher) certificate
  • Fall Protection ticket (must be a full 8-hour, instructor led course, completed with an Approved Training Provider)
Details & Limitations
  • All certificates must be renewed prior to your NCSO® / NHSA™ certificate expiry date
  • Fall Protection and First Aid must be completed in BC, however COR® internal auditor certification can be renewed in another province (if applicable)
  • Fall Protection and First Aid training must be completed with a BCCSA approved training provider
  • NHSAs are required to re-take the COR® Internal Auditor course, however a student audit assignment submission is not required

Part C: Safety Proficiency Assignment

As part of the maintenance component, applicants must additionally complete and submit a Safety Proficiency Assignment (SPA). For recertification, you have the choice of completing one of the following sets of requirements:

  1. You can submit any 2 of the 4 SPA documents: Tool box talk/workplace inspection/ incident investigation/ hazard assessment + 1 COR® audit completed within last 3 years, or
  2. If you have not completed a full COR® audit, then all 4 SPA documents must be submitted
    • SPA forms must be completed using actual work scenario, ie, unlike initial application, we will not allow NCSOs to submit a ‘mock’ scenario/job site form.
    • Recertification applicants may use BCCSA forms or own company forms
    • Submitted audits must have gone through BCCSA QA and received a final mark, and must have scored 80% or higher, whether maintenance or certification / recertification.

Part D: Continued Work in the Construction Industry

The applicant must also provide proof of their continued construction field experience and provide the following:

  • Personal resume outlining the criteria below, which must include:
    • Start date and end date of employment (since the date you received your NCSO® designation)
    • Your job title/position
    • Percentage of time, based on a weekly average, in the construction field versus in the office
  • References for each place of employment including contact information

Alternately, you may use one of the work experience letter templates available for download in NCSO® / NHSA™ Resources.

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