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NCSO® / NHSA™ Designation


NCSO & NHSA Designations

  • 1.Are the exams online or do I have to write them in person?

    Exams are offered online only.

  • 2.What if I fail?

    If a candidate completes an exam unsuccessfully, they will be required to wait 90 days before reattempting the exam. A second unsuccessful attempt will result in a 12-month waiting period. After 3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts, the candidate will have to repeat all NCSO® / NHSA™ compulsory and elective courses and restart their application before being eligible to write the exam again.

    Each additional attempt costs $60 + GST for the National Exam and $40 + GST for the Provincial Exam. Any unsuccessful attempts in other provinces will not affect your status with the BCCSA.

  • 3.Will I have to write the NCSO® exam in every province or will there be a supplemental exam to cover the differences in provincial legislation?

    You only have to successfully complete the national exam once. However, each province will have their own supplemental legislation exam.

  • 4.Is there a study guide?

    Yes, there is preparatory material in our exam resource catalogue intended to help applicants write both exams. The NCSO® / NHSA™ Study Guide (PDF) shows how the items on the exam are distributed across domains. Applicants are encouraged to review Participants Manuals from the BCCSA courses, create a study plan to focus on subjects/areas less familiar. Examinees may bring their HandiGuide as this will be a reference text used during the Provincial Exam.

    Note: You must have the 2021 version or newer of the HandiGuide. One can also be provided at request. There are also exam blueprints available online.

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