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Minds at Work for Construction

Part 1 - Every Mind Matters at Work-for Construction
eLearning (self paced 6-8 hours)

This session is designed to increase awareness of mental health and its potential incidence and impact in the workplace and challenge existing stereotypes of mental illness. Participants will have an opportunity to consider their current mental health and consider strategies to ensure continued health and well-being in their workplace.

What will you learn?
  • Recognize the stigmas that typically surround mental health/mental ill-health
  • Understand the range of mental health: From wellness to illness
  • Recognize potential indicators of a possible mental health issue
  • Learn how to access mental health care and services; find local resources
  • List an array of strategies/resources to promote mental health, in yourself and others in the workplace
Part 2 - Managing Minds at Work- in Construction
Full day: 7 hours of instruction- in person workshop
Course description

Support is one of the most impactful qualities of a good leader. In the workplace, it can be tricky to know how to support employees who are showing signs of stress and may be struggling.

This workshop for leaders will teach the special role of a supervisor/foreman in workplace mental health and provide practical tools and strategies to recognize and respond to potential mental health challenges in your team.

They will build confidence to recognize when a colleague or employee may be experiencing mental health challenges and how to appropriately respond. A simple 4-step process to recognize, respond, offer the right support, and follow up frames the full-day session.

What will you learn?
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of a supervisor/manager associated with mental health as defined by relevant legislation
  • List the legislation relevant to the supervision and management of mental health in the workplace
  • Identify typical indicators of a potential mental health issue
  • Describe specific strategies and actions for responding to potential mental health issues
  • Apply a framework for having a difficult conversation with a colleague about mental health issues
  • Practice a difficult conversation with a colleague about a mental health issue
  • Develop and describe strategies to support and enhance mental health in the organization