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FFRP Program

  • 1.What is the purpose of the Fire & Flood Restoration Program?

    The Fire and Flood Restoration Program (FFRP) provides training and resources to restoration industry professionals. The FFRP aims to ensure safe and effective restoration practices after fire and flood incidents.

  • 2.Who can benefit from this program?

    The program is designed for restoration professionals, contractors, and individuals involved in fire and flood restoration projects in British Columbia.

  • 3.What topics are covered in the program's training courses?

    The FFRP covers a range of topics, including safety protocols, hazard identification, proper equipment usage, and industry best practices for fire and flood restoration.

  • 4.How can I join the FFRPTAC?

    Participation on the committee is vetted by the BC Construction Safety Alliance. Interested stakeholders must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate on the committee:

    1. Be registered with WorkSafeBC in sector 721022 Fire & Flood Restoration Contractor
    2. Attend monthly hybrid (Zoom or in-person) meetings

    If you meet the above criteria, please review the Terms of Reference (PDF), download the Authorization Letter (PDF), and complete the Representation Consent form (PDF) and forward to Erin Linde at

    PLEASE NOTE: to view the Consent form as a fillable PDF, you must download it and open it with Adobe PDF Viewer. It will not work in your browser.

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