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THARR Program

THARRP Program

What is THARRP?

The Technical High Angle Rope Rescue Program (THARRP) prepares fire department personnel in technical rope and tower crane rescue procedures for workers in distress working at heights (e.g., tower crane operators). It was established in 1991 by the Greater Vancouver Regional District Fire Chiefs, in response to stated needs of industry. The THARR program is administered by the BCCSA, and overseen by the THARRP Steering Committee.

THARRP: For Construction Employers

WorkSafeBC’s rope rescue guideline G4.13(3)(a) Industrial high angle rope rescue program states that employers are responsible to conduct a risk assessment in any workplace in which a need to rescue or evacuate workers may arise. Written rescue and evacuation procedures are required for work at high angles. The Technical High Angle Rope Rescue (THARR) Program connects construction industry employers with funded, trained municipal fire departments for the purpose of developing a rope rescue and evacuation plan for high angle work.

All Construction Employers in British Columbia, as well as members of the BC Maritime Employers Association, have access to the THARR program for the purpose of requesting a crane or site survey for high angle rescue plans. To request a crane or site survey from your servicing municipal fire department, register an account* in the THARRP Portal and start a new crane survey request. Once a crane survey request is submitted to the fire department, they automatically receive a notification in the portal and will contact the employer directly to coordinate a site visit and develop a rope rescue plan.

*NOTE: To register an account, you will need your company’s WorkSafeBC account number and legal company name.

Curious about eligibility, or whether your municipality is served by a THARR-funded fire department? Review our Standard Operating Procedure ADM 2 – Responsibility to Provide Rope Rescue Service for a full list of eligible industry classifications and funded fire departments.

If your local fire department is not currently part of the THARR program, we encourage you to contact the department and have them apply. Alternately, they may have a mutual aid agreement with a THARRP-funded fire department, which allows unfunded departments to utilize the rope rescue team(s) of neighbouring THARR-funded departments.

Still have questions? Review the THARR Program FAQ or contact the THARRP administrator at or call us at 604-636-3675.

THARRP: For Fire Departments
Fire Department Applications

To apply for acceptance into the program, a letter from the Fire Chief or City Manager is required. The letter must confirm specific eligibility criteria. Applications will also be accepted from departments where there is a desire to form a regional rescue team. Letters from each department’s Fire Chief or City Managers must be submitted with the application.

To request a criteria sheet for application, please contact the BCCSA THARRP administrator at

Once your department has received the letter from the Fire Chief or City Manager, your application is submitted to the BCCSA via the THARRP Portal

For information about how the THARRP program is administered please read: THARRP Info Sheet for Fire Department Personnel (PDF)

THARRP Program

Submit Your Application

Once your department has received the letter from the Fire Chief or City Manager, your application is submitted to the BCCSA via the THARRP Portal. To log in to the portal, click the button below:


As a train-the-trainer program, THARRP assists participating fire departments in meeting the requirements for technical high angle rope rescues. The training consists of:

  • NFPA 1670 - 2017 Edition Awareness, Operations & Technician Levels for: (Rope & Tower Rescue)
  • NFPA 1006 - 2017 Edition Awareness, Operations & Technician
  • Instructor Development Training

There are currently nine recognized training agencies in BC (PDF).

Funding & Reimbursement

A total of 34 industry classifications units provide funding to the program via WorkSafeBC assessments. Funding for instructor training is directed by the BCCSA to select fire departments. Each department is eligible to receive funding of approximately $11,000 to purchase initial rope rescue equipment packages.

As instructors successfully complete each of the required courses, departments may apply for reimbursement of training. Departments are reimbursed for the full cost of courses, including staff replacements to cover personnel in training. Some reimbursement for travel, accommodation, and meal expenses are allowed. The department is eligible for funding to assist in developing a high angle rescue plan for tower crane operations.

Participating employers, who complete a risk assessment and determine that a need to rescue or evacuate workers who work at high angles may arise, may contact the local fire department (PDF) for assistance in developing a high angle rescue plan for tower crane operations.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) listed below outline the financial, operational, training, administrative, and equipment-related policies and procedures that govern THARRP. For any additional questions, please contact the THARRP administrator at

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