Making Safety Simpler



Prime Contractor Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC)

In 2013, the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) initiated a Prime Contractor Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC) with a view to leverage the Prime Contractors’ influence on the health and safety of the subcontractors they utilize and to provide a monthly forum for health & safety representatives of these Prime Contractors to share ideas and create resources to positively impact the safety outcomes of construction employers in B.C. In line with the BCCSA’s overall philosophy of ‘making safety simpler’, the PCTAC is forward thinking, diverse, and currently working towards initiatives brought forward by the Prime Contractor and Small Employer companies.

The BCCSA relies on the PCTAC to help set priorities for important health and safety initiatives and to research, develop, and share industry best practices to create programs for smaller employers, sub trades, and their employees. Some past initiatives include:

  • Developed a Fall Protection Rescue Guide intended to assist employers with developing effective and compliant procedures for rescue of a worker who has fallen and is suspended by a personal fall protection system.  The forms included in this guide may be used as an addendum to WorkSafeBC's fall protection plan template.
  • Development of a safety headgear risk assessment.
  • Dedicated and expert advice in the development of resources to assist small employers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This included meeting weekly to improve, sharpen and revise information as it became available. The PCTAC played a significant role in helping employers in BC keep their workers safe and operations running allowing the construction industry to maintain its vital role in supporting the province’s economy.
  • Contributed and participated in the development of the BCCSA Webinar Series. Topics included: Isocyanates, Prime Contractor Responsibilities Part 1 and 2, and Introduction to Exposure Control Plans (ECPs) for the Construction Industry.
  • Contributions to and review of the new SiteReadyBC orientation program (now with over 25,000 students registered).
  • Promotion of the new Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) program.
  • Work on enhancing the use of the Safety Climate Tool.
  • Assisting with the development of the Industry Stat Pack.
Committee Representation

To view the committee representation list, please click here.

How to Join

Participation on the committee is vetted by the BCCSA. Interested stakeholders must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate on the committee:

  1. Be registered with WorkSafeBC in sector 721027 "House or Other Woodframe General Contracting, Construction, or Renovation work" of sector 721028 "Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Highrise Residential General Contracting or Construction."
  2. Operate as a Prime Contractor as per the definition under Division 4 - General Duties of Employers, Workers and Others.
  3. Maintain COR® status.
  4. Ability to attend meetings regularly.

If you meet the above criteria, please review the Terms of Reference (PDF), download the Authorization Letter (PDF), and complete the Representation Consent Form (PDF), and forward to

PLEASE NOTE: To view the Consent form as a fillable PDF, you must download it and open it with Adobe PDF viewer. It will not work in your browser
Current PCTAC projects include:
  • Subcontractor Management Tool
  • Welding Exposure Control Plan Guide and webinar
  • Lone Hoist Operator Rescue Assessment and Procedures
  • Traffic Control Guide for Prime Contractors
  • And more...