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Use a PC computer with Excel 2003 or newer, download the excel audit file, conduct the audit, remember to save the file as you go, submit the final audit report to the BCCSA by attaching the excel file in an e-mail to Note: MAC users may experience some compatibility issues.

For Small COR® participants, complete the red shaded questions only.  For Large COR® participants, complete all questions.  See The COR® Process for details.  If you are unsure which program your firm participates in, please contact the BCCSA.

For assistance with your COR® audit or inquiries about BCCSA’s COR® Program, please contact us at or toll free at 1 (877) 860-3675.

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Version 2.0 · 2024/01/01 · The COR® OHS National Audit Document is the instrument used by BCCSA qualified auditors to measure the effectiveness of a company’s occupational health and safety management system for BCCSA COR® Certification, Maintenance and Recertification.  Note: for COR® Certification Audits, please ensure the company is registered to the BCCSA COR® Program.

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